David Watt Meet David

David_resized2One glance at a David Watt photograph and the distinction is certain. Time and time again, David captures what makes each client or project unique. Coaching his subjects to reveal their unique character, while living in a beautifully lit and aesthetically orchestrated scene, are what have made David one of the most sought-after photographers in Alberta.

His work has been showcased in print media from the New York Times in the east to Up Here and Far North Oil & Gas magazines in the north to Aviation World, Pharmacy Business, Octane, YCM, YFM magazines and many others all over Canada.

For over thirteen years now, whether he is doing an annual report cover for an oil and gas enterprise, corporate head shots for a major law firm or architectural shooting for a designer, David always aims to convey a truly cinematic, one-of-a-kind feel to his work. He achieves this by using the most suitable backgrounds and artistic lighting set-ups to create individualized, perfectly tailored expressions for each client. And knowing that each session will bring something new is what keeps him hard at play every day, searching for that perfect shot.

When David isn’t in his work playground he can be found on his road bike cruising the pavement on Calgary’s highways or happily hiking or skiing the trails of the Rockies.

Here are a few samples of David’s work:

Candid-horizontal-headshot-female-3  20100825_0409-as-Smart-Object-1

Double-pumpjack-sunset  Female-corp-portrait_2